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The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for, educating, and supporting Canadians affected by skin, hair, and nail conditions.

Our mission: To improve the health and well-being of people across Canada affected by skin, hair, and nail conditions, through collaboration, advocacy and education.
Our vision: A world where people affected by skin, hair and nail conditions live healthy and fulfilling lives.

To achieve our mission: 

  • We raise awareness about the impacts of skin conditions
  • We educate on a variety of issues affecting skin patients, their families, and caregivers. 
  • We advocate for best care and treatment options for all skin patients.  
  • We facilitate patient engagement in dermatological research.
  • We support and collaborate with our Affiliate Member organizations that work with specific skin patient communities such as those living with acne, scleroderma, melanoma, and psoriasis, as well as our international network.  


Education and Raising Awareness

Too many skin patients suffer in silence.  CSPA highlights the impacts of skin conditions in nationwide awareness campaigns.  The goal of these campaigns is to create and share information that will lead to better understanding, earlier diagnosis, improved health outcomes and quality of life.   

Explore our website to learn about specific conditions, how to access clinical trials, in-depth CSPA national reports, and how we advocate for your rights to care, treatments, and support through our (patient-focused) submissions to federal and provincial policy consultations. 


CSPA also publishes the award-winning national Canadian Skin Magazine!  We invite you to subscribe for a free copy and sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with us.    

Our Community

CSPA is a hub for all who deal with dermatology issues.  At CSPA, we work closely with our Medical Advisory Board, the dermatology community, and our Affiliate Member organizations to provide you with knowledge and resources that we hope will ease your burden. 


Tanny2As a dedicated and selfless volunteer, Tanny Jean Nadon (1941-2016) inspired and connected with all whom she met. She was described as a true collaborator and team player who was always inclusive.

Tanny supported the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA) since its early days. She was a founding member of the Alberta Society of Melanoma, which became one of the CSPA’s first Affiliate Members, and was a devoted volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Action Network, the Cross Cancer Institute and other service organizations. Her vast volunteer experience provided invaluable counsel and led her to author CSPA’s very first Application for Affiliate Organizations as well as the first Code of Ethics. Tanny was known to speak her mind and to be a voice of reason who helped build consensus at the discussion table. She was an innovative leader who worked hard behind the scenes and helped shape the CSPA in its formative years.

Tanny’s ability to connect with and support others was welcomed by the Alberta dermatologist community, paving the way for patients and healthcare providers to work together to help patients. In recognition of her many contributions to healthcare, Tanny received the Alberta Medical Association Medal of Honour in 2011. This achievement is a source of great pride for the Nadon family.

Tanny has been missed by many since she passed away in 2016. Her legacy as a selfless volunteer in the areas of patient advocacy and mentorship lives on and continues to inspire us all! Beyond her organizational talents, Tanny was described personally as fun, humble, and the epitome of a caregiver. On more than one occasion, Tanny’s kindness was extended to patients, separated from their family and friends while traveling for treatment, whom she shuttled between airport and treatment centres. She even supplied personal items to a patient whose stay was unexpectedly extended. As the beloved matriarch of a family of seven that expanded to include grandchildren and great grandchildren, it is amazing that Tanny had the time to contribute so much to so many!


The CSPA honours the memory and example of Tanny Nadon’s life by recognizing those who go above and beyond in their role of caregiver to an individual impacted by a skin, hair, or nail condition.

Click on the image to hear recipients' stories (written and/or video). 

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Tell us about a caregiver in your life who has made a difference!

How to Nominate a Caregiver:

To enter, please complete the online nomination form.

Nomination Criteria:

The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance invites you to nominate your friend or family member for our Tanny Nadon Caregiver Award & Spotlight.

Between the dates and deadlines listed below, send us your nominations for an award winner. We'll choose a recipient based on the following criteria:
  1. Their dedication to providing assistance goes beyond tending to physical needs and who models compassion and strength; an individual whose efforts have an extraordinary effect on those for whom they care
  2. Their problem-solving techniques
  3. Their use of services available to patients or caregivers in the community (for example, attending support groups or information sessions to help manage the condition, get to medical appointments, etc.)
  4. Their approach to staying educated about the condition
Award & Recognition:
The recipient of the Tanny Nadon Caregiver Award will receive:
  • Tanny Nadon Caregiver Award Certificate
  • Embroidered CSPA blanket
The recipient will additionally be featured on CSPA’s communication channels in our SPOTLIGHT: A Caregiver’s Story series. The recipient will be interviewed, if possible, with the patient to whom they provide care or with the individual who nominated them. Their Caregiver Story will be featured in some or all of the following CSPA and other media outlets:
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletter article
  • Website
  • Short video(s)
  • Public news outlets (via a CSPA press release)

Nominations for the Tanny Nadon Caregiver Award will be evaluated by a CSPA committee. The following is the projected schedule* for nomination deadline and notifying award recipient: 
Nomination Deadline: October 15 (12 midnight ET) 
Notification by: TBD

*The CSPA reserves the right to change these dates without notice. 

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