CSPA Dermatologist of the Year


The Dermatologist of the Year award is the highest honour bestowed by the CSPA on one exceptional dermatologist each year. The glass award is presented at the Canadian Dermatology Association’s (CDA) annual conference in recognition of contributions made the previous calendar year.  Furthermore, the winner is featured in the fall/winter issue of the Canadian Skin magazine.
In order to be considered for the award the dermatologist must demonstrate:

  • They have compassionate concern for the welfare and happiness of patients
  • They are committed to community service that parallels their involvement in quality patient care.
  • They have a positive effect on others.
  • They have exhibited & performed outstanding patient care. 
 The CSPA is proud to announce Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis as our Dermatologist of the Year for 2023.  Congratulations Dr. Asiniwasis!  

The following are past recipients of the Dermatologist of the Year:

2022 - Dr. An-Wen Chan
2021 - Dr. Yuka Asai
2020 - Dr. Raed Alhusayen
2019 - Dr. Eunice Chow
2018 - Dr. Jerry Tan
2017 - Dr. Isabelle Delorme
2016 - Dr. Neil Shear

2015 - Dr. Jeff Donovan
2014 - Dr. Charles Lynde
2013 - Dr. Marc Bourcier
2012 - Dr. Jan Dutz
2011 - Dr. Gordon Searles
2010 - Dr. Harvey Lui

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