Diagnosis and Treatment

Birthmarks are easily identified by parents and doctors. In some cases, they can indicate an underlying, more serious condition. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your doctor check your child’s birthmarks.

A few birthmarks may resolve on their own by simply fading away. Most, however, will generally be permanent. Surgery or laser treatment may be treatment options, but these should be approached cautiously since scarring may occur. There is a growing body of experience among dermatologists in treating birthmarks, and sophisticated new treatments combining laser therapy with other forms of light seem effective.

Some types of birthmarks may respond to medication. For example, oral beta-blockers or steroids can be taken to reduce the size of infantile hemangiomas.  However, as with any medication, the side effects must be weighed against its benefits.

Some smaller or lighter birthmarks may be effectively covered with cosmetic camouflage cream.

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