researchThe CSPA is committed to supporting research in Canada for skin-related issues. Ongoing research often results in new treatments, a greater understanding of the physical, psychological and social consequences of skin disorders and changes in how health-care resources are allocated. The CSPA believes that everyone benefits when patients, health-care practitioners, researchers and decision-makers have access to information about skin disease studies and treatments. This section of the website contains summaries, and in some cases, full reports, relating to skin disorders. The information provided here has been written in an accessible language we believe you will find helpful and easy to understand.

What's New in Research 

Each issue of Canadian Skin Magazine features an article about the top stories in Research written by Dr. Jan Dutz.  

These articles are posted for you here:

 Volume 1 issue 1        Volume 1 Issue 2        Volume 1 Issue 3        Volume 1 Issue 4

 Volume 2 Issue 1        Volume 2 Issue 2        Volume 2 Issue 3        Volume 2 Issue 4

Volume 3 Issue 1        Volume 3 Issue 2        Volume 3 Issue 3        Volume 3 Issue 4

Volume 4 Issue 1 (Coming soon!)

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CDF support and matching CSPA funds. The CSPA has earned a “Life Patron” status from the CDF by matching donations made to the CDF (up to $2,000 per year).


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