Although a cancer diagnosis is never welcome news, basal cell carcinomas are usually easily curable. With such high success rates, they usually do not negatively impact a person’s everyday life. However, patients may feel anxious knowing that their cancer may return, or may feel depressed if surgical removal of larger tumours leaves a scar or causes extensive damage to underlying tissues or bone.

Most squamous cell carcinomas are also easily treated and generally do not affect a person’s quality of life. In rare instances, people with this disease may suffer emotional trauma if their cancer progresses and requires long-term treatment or becomes life-threatening.

Non-melanoma skin cancers are curable most of the time, especially if caught early. With this, gentle reassurance alone is often sufficient to help someone successfully manage their fears. However, people with skin cancer who experience anxiety, depression or stress may seek professional counselling to manage their feelings or seek support from others who understand their situation.


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