Hives are itchy, transient and of various sizes. These appear as red, white, or flesh-colored bumps with distinct edges that may change shape. Your doctor may call them "wheals." Wheals can be as small as a pencil tip or larger. The itch cause by hives can be mild to severe.

Hives can show up anywhere on the body. They may also "move around." For instance, they may appear on your hand, go away within a day and then show up on your shoulder. Hives often occur on the chest, back, arms, and legs.

A red hive will turn pale when pressed in the center. This is called "blanching.”
The discomfort caused by hives can result in sleep deprivation. Social isolation, anxiety and depression are also common due to CSU.

Angiodema is another symptom experienced by some patients. This is severe swelling, particularly on the eyelids, lips, genitals, tongue, hands and feet. 15% of patients will experience just this swelling and not the hives.

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