Non-genital warts don’t usually have a major impact on patients’ health though large or multiple warts may be unsightly and may affect quality of life. Aside from the pain caused by plantar warts, non-genital warts pose no risk or discomfort to otherwise healthy individuals. However, seeking medical treatment for warts may resolve any discomfort and improve the cosmesis of the skin. 

Management of genital warts involves the modification of sexual habits to prevent the spread to sexual partners. Ensuring safe sexual practices will reduce the risk of transmission to others. Preventing the development of genital warts through vaccination against HPV will also reduce the risk of genital warts that can lead to cancer. More information on the prevention of HPV can be found in the section on HPV. If you are having trouble coping with your condition, it is important to see additional support through your physician, or other mental health supports as appropriate. 


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